This is the first Drug Development Technology that equips an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) with smart pathological target inhibition capability. A range of pathological targets, such as coagulation regulating protein - thrombin, maintain essential body function at physiological concentration but induces diseases when it is upregulated. Since the activity of current medications are controlled by dosage, it is common for them to over-inhibit a pathological target that impairs the related body's function and thus causing mis-dosing related side effects. In the hypercoagulation case, thrombin is over inhibited by the current anticoagulant to cause fatal bleedings.



Our Smart Blood thinner can detect the target concentrationinhibit it only at upregulated concentration and hence hypercoagulation. The Smart mechanism avoided over inhibition of thrombin at normal concentration to protect the body from bleeding.


Additionally, its unique inhibition mechanism maximizes the prevention of excessive clotting. Because of the bleeding danger, many of the anti-blood-clotting drugs require regular body check to ensure patients are receiving the right dosage. The built-in dosage control feature of our drug exempts such body check to make the medication convenient to use.


The Smart Blood Thinner can, therefore, significantly improve patients’ life expectancy and quality of life.