Advancing the safety of medications


Blood thinners are essential in treating many cardiovascular diseases (CVDs). However, bleeding is a significant risk associated with the medication and if is occurs in one's head,


mortality rate can reach 65%.[2]

There has been a strong call for safe and effective blood thinners.

Our  Smart Blood Thinner  has the intelligence to minimize the risk of bleeding by only administering you the correct dosage

What's more, it maximizes the prevention of excessive clotting when you are in life-threatening situation

Our pre-prototype is experimentally validated, and we expect the Smart Blood Thinner to become the leading product in the US$33.3 billion anticoagulant markets. 


Additionally, our patentable technology is expandable to other drugs prone to misdosing issues such as anti-cancer medications, potentially enabling access of Smart Biotechnology to more patients. 


SmartDrug took home the top prize at the Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship Bootcamp on August 23, 2019. 

The international Bootcamp contestants went through an elevator pitch and two rounds of selections. SmartDrug has passed all rounds by answering questions from venture capitalists, industry experts, and start-ups' CEO to win the honor.

1st place
at Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship Bootcamp (BMoE) at UC Berkeley

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